Area Repeaters

 Output   Input  Tone Location
462.550  467.550  141.3 Gainesville
462.650  467.650  141.3 Gainesville
462.700  467.700  141.3 Gainesville
462.725  467.725  141.3 Windsor
462.550  467.550   Interlachen
462.650  467.650  no tone Palmetto Bluff
462.600  467.600  123.0 Ft McCoy
462.700  467.700  023 DPL The Villages
462.625  467.625  210.7 Lady Lake
462.725  467.725  156.7 Jacksonville
462.675  467.675       Jacksonville
462.600  467.600      St.Augustine

GMRS Information

General information and networks
FCC Rules and Regulations

GMRS Frequencies

Channels, RF output and Use
ChFrequencyPower Use
01462.56255 WSimplex
02462.58755 WSimplex
03462.61255 WSimplex
04462.63755 WSimplex
05462.66255 WSimplex
06462.68755 WSimplex
07462.71255 WSimplex
08467.56250.5 WSimplex
09467.58750.5 WSimplex
10467.61250.5 WSimplex
11467.63750.5 WSimplex
12467.66250.5 WSimplex
13467.68750.5 WSimplex
14467.71250.5 WSimplex
15462.550050 WSimplex/Repeater
16462.575050 WSimplex/Repeater
17462.600050 WSimplex/Repeater
18462.625050 WSimplex/Repeater
19462.650050 WSimplex/Repeater
20462.675050 WSimplex/Repeater
21462.700050 WSimplex/Repeater
22462.725050 WSimplex/Repeater

Easy to get license with inexpensive equipment...

First, you will need a GMRS license. Fortunately, the cost of this license was recently reduced to just $35 for 10 years...and will cover your entire family, irregardless of where they live (i.e. they do not need to reside in your household).


You can apply for the license on the
FCC License Manager website. You will need a FRN (FCC Registration Number). If you don't already have one, you can register for one on this site. The FCC no longer mails licenses, but you can log into your licenses from this site and print out your license.


As for equipment, make sure you use certified type 95 equipment! Amateur radios are NOT certified for use on GMRS. There is still a never ending discussion about using Type 90 certified (Land Mobile Service) equipment. There seems to be some wording conflict in Part 95. One section allows Part 90 equipment (95.335(a) - Which states that non-Part 95 equipment may be operated in the service if they are certified for use in land mobile radio services). Conversations with the Enforcement Bureau and their legal counsel concede the wording is not clear and they will simply not enforce the use of Part 90 certified equipment as long as there are no other violations found during an investigation (such as malicious interference, broadcasting, etc). Just remember that in order for a radio to meet the Type 90 or 95 certification, frequencies and modes CAN NOT be adjustable from the front panel of the radio.


141.3 PL is the nationwide "traveler and assistance" PL and you will find most "open" repeaters will be using this PL. 462.675 with a PL of 141.3 is recognized as the Calling/Traveler assistance and Emergency Channel.