WiRES-X Access

The repeater defaults to room #21080 "America Link". To access other "rooms" or "nodes", press and hold the "WiRES-X" button. After linking with the repeater, you will hear the repeater answer you. Click on the "Down Arrow" in the middle of your screen (hold the ENT button if using a FT-1D). After conversing with the repeater, this will provide you a menu where you can select a node or select "Search and Direct". As you scroll through the available nodes, you can either select or continue to the next batch (the WiRES-X provides about 20 each time). To go to the next batch, simply scroll to the last node, it will begin flashing. This is the radio communicating to the repeater to send the next batch. Once you have selected a node, you will again hear the response from the repeater and will see the node now displayed on your radio. Please refer to the manual for your radio as this was a very basic instruction based on the FTM-400D.


Area Repeaters

 Output   Input  Location
444.050 449.050 Gainesville
145.150 144.150 Starke
145.290 144.690 Jacksonville
146.730 146.130 Orange Park
146.940 146.340 The Villages
147.210 147.810 Ocala
147.390 147.990 Jacksonville Beach
441.875 446.875 The Villages
442.050 447.050 Inverness
444.400 449.400 Jacksonville
444.500 449.500 Orange Park
444.575 449.575 The Villages
444.675 449.675 Jacksonville
444.925 449.925 Jacksonville

Still the most popular mode....

Even with the tremendous influx of Chinese digital radio (primarily DMR), the conventional analog repeaters are still the most available and easiest to use mode. Sometimes these repeaters will be "linked" to other repeaters to form a wider coverage area or through the internet. Internet "linking" using AllStar or EchoLink is quite common as demonstrated by the 444.9875 repeater in Gainesville.


Some digital repeaters are able to do dual mode,i.e. function as an Analog and a Digital repeater. These repeaters can be configured by the SYSOP as in the 444.8375 DMR repeater. This repeater, when not being used for digital DMR, can be used as a conventional analog repeater. If you program this "analog" channel in your radio, do not forget to set your receiver to the 123.0 PL tone or you will hear the digital burst noise created by the DMR channel.


Check out Repeater Book for more repeaters in Florida.

Inexpensive Radios

With the influx of inexpensive Chinese radios, portable "handheld" dual band (2 meter and 70 cm) radios are available for as inexpensive as $25.