So you did it! You purchased one of the most versatile (and complexed) amateur radios on the market today! I just recently purchased one at the Orlando Hamcation (February 12, 2022). You can join me as we both learn how to use this new addition to our hamshacks. Please keep in mind that I am also new to the RFinder, so I don't know everything about it. So, some items on this page may have errors and I will correct them as soon as I find the answers.


You may be asking "Why would I spend that much for a DMR Radio". Well, it is more that just a radio.... It combines a 4G cellular smartphone (android based), a DMR hotspot, and a dual band (144/444) DMR and Analog Handheld radio into one case! You have the choice to create zones and save your favorite channels as before, but this radio gives you the opportunity to travel the world without ever creating a codeplug!


And if you are looking for something in a tablet, there is the P-10, 10" tablet version (see the link to the right)


I would recommend (if you have not already) reading the "Getting Started" link on the right side of this page. This is the same instruction booklet that came with the radio. I have also included several YouTube videos that I have found pertinent to learning how the radio functions.


Some questions immediately come to mind when comparing this to other handheld radios. As with anything else, there are pros and cons associated with the RFinder

  1. Can you do "dual watch" (listen to two frequencies at one time) --- NO
  2. Can you scan analog channels --- NO
  3. Can you save channels in memories -- YES, in fact you can even save them into zones. Even though you cannot program them from a computer in the usual sense, you can program your memory channels by going to "Repeater Finder" ( and click on "Manage RFinder Android Radio Memories". Once you have either saved your "manually" entered frequencies or wish to start from scratch from the website, it will be saved "in the cloud" for all future modifications.
  4. Can you do "promiscous mode" (also called "digital monitor") .... Yes, you will see a button labeled "PROM".
  5. Can you do commercial frequencies? -- YES, the RFinder is part 90 certified
  6. EchoLink? -- YES. And it even has a second PTT button! This allows you to have the top PTT for DMR and the bottom PTT for EchoLink (or any other PTT supported application).

How about a wish list? I have a couple:
  1. Ability to scan analog channels
  2. Screen lock switch (I keep brushing up against the screen and changing it).
  3. Maybe a nice leather case (with a belt loop) so you don't scratch up your nice radio?