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AWARD 1: Spreading Agape' Award

From our OLD Homepage: The Meaning of Agape'
(No longer exists...web host closed)

Please don't steal it, winning it is much more fun and eternally rewarding.

It is only given to web site that are:

1) Christian, of course
2) Proclaim the plain, simple Gospel Message (evangelistic)
3) Seek to lead someone to our Lord, Jesus Christ
4) Show them how to do it. (sinners prayer, etc.)

This award is something that I feel very strongly about. I feel that Great Christian web sites need and deserve to be honored.

I want to share why I used the word "great" in reference to our award. It will not be give to just any web site that claims to be "Christian" (We know people like that, don't we?) A great Christian web site is one that "proclaims the gospel" (good news) and shows an unsaved person HOW TO BECOME born-again. I have surfed all over the net and seen many web sites that state Christian values and/or thoughts. As Christians, we are told to share that good news to the whole world. That doesn't mean that we will all preach from a pulpit or stand on a street corner and as an evangelist, but we all can and will be allowed the privilege to "share" that good news with someone. (Maybe over our neighbor's fence or over a cup of coffee) We are to be ready with the answer for that day. The Internet has allowed even the most timid Christian to loudly proclaim the good news and the way to salvation. (Those are the sites that will be honored with the "Spreading the Agape' Award) Web sites that say "send us an e-mail, if you want to know more about Jesus - will NOT qualify. The truth is most seekers will NOT e-mail for information on salvation. :-( It is very important to present the whole gospel at one time.

We would be honored to have you display this award on your site and link it back page at:

Of course, that is your choice to link or not. If you do, it might encourage others
to apply for the award. :-)

God Bless you as you continue to minister the love of Jesus over the Internet. Please apply for this award using the comment button at the bottom of this page. Be sure to tell me where the sinner's prayer is on your web site. Thanks!

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AWARD 2: Truman's Trophy

This one is given by this web site, "Truman's Turf". If you came in through the front door, you would have noticed that I take great "pride" in this being MY web site. Well, this is MY award to give. How do you apply for it: You don't! It is given by me as I surf the Internet. I am the sole judge as to which web sites earn this award. You do not have to be a html genus, I might like your web site anyway. It doesn't have to be a Christian web site, but it can't promote hate or nudity or such. If I like your web site, you will get it. There is NO way to apply. Hint : Signing MY guest book (on page two) of this web site might help since I often return the visits of my visitors.

To see the web sites that have already won this award
Click Here.

AWARD 3: The Dogs of TruDol Approval Award

This award is given by "The Dogs of TruDol", the website is down. It is for people that love their pets and show them on their websites.

If you came to this page through an award link or webring
below, please take the time to view my website before
leaving and sign my guest book too. Thanks!

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