Many People and Organizations

deserve credit and a big thank you for the
designing and tools used on this site.

First and Foremost,
I need to publicially thank one
organization and 3 people:

Geocities: For being the greatest location to place a free web page.
They have all sorts of helps, tutorials and great community leaders
who volunteer their time to help you get a web site up and running. Geocities is now closed.

Geocities is now closed. It was where I first was hosted. Now I am on my brother's server. Thanks Jim

My Wife, Dolly: Who has put up with my many hours away from her,
while I was on the computer, persuing my many causes
as "noble" as they are. :-)

Carla, my web design guru: Who is always there to get me
through the hard problems of web mastery. She gives herself to
building web pages that glorify the Lord Jesus Christ and freely
helps others do the same. (if you need help, contact me first, as
she is a very busy person). She also, has one of the most
beautiful personal Christian web pages on the Internet too.

I need to thank the following web sites
for their clip art (used to be free) used on this site:

The Clip Art Connection

I need to thank the following web sites for their Midi (music files)used on this site:

Not sure where they moved to :-(

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