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My law enforcement career started off slowly as a burns security guard in a Texile mill in Glens Falls, N.Y at the age of 21. I felt that it was a door opener to my hoped for carrer in law enforcement. It was an unarmed position and it involved mmaking rounds throughout the mill and parking lots. I was shown a pattern that was well known by the employees and they knew to expect me. I started changing the pattern and surpised a lot of employees. I was called on the carpet for that one. Althogh the boss agreed with me, I was told not to change the pattern since the lady in the office could not read my time tape. My job was a fire watch, but I felt that I should watch for employee thieft and wrote 3 incidents reports. I got to be known as a trouble maker and was treatened by an employee. I started carring a heavy K-light as a weapon, but of course it was my flashlight

I got called for an interview in what I thought was a security guard at a federal building in Albany, N.Y. I walked Into the office and noticed that their patches said police on them. I went though the interview and waited 10 months For an answer. Finally I got a congressman to look into it. My application was sitting in a pile of applications on a civil Service investitures desk,when he got the word he pulled mine and started working on it. It wasn't long afterwards that I Got hired. He job was probationary until I passed the Federal Law enforcement centers classes. A 7 week course in Georgia (police school). When I passed that (number 2 in a class of 45 cadets), I was assigned to a station in Albany. I worked there for two years until my wife (now ex-wife) took my 2 girls and headed west in the middle of the night while I Was working. I wanted to be near my girls and finally took a transfer to Las Vegas, NV. It was a lot closer to where They where in Phoenix, Arizona,. I worked in Las Vegas for about 2 years until I was rifted (reduction in force due to budget Cuts)

After my reduction in force from federal service I started to work at the Silver Nugget Casino in North Las Vegas, NV. As a security officer and I found out that Nevada law favored casino security with Broad power in the trespass law. (NRS 207.200) This law gave security the Power to 86 a person and warn them that if they ever returned they would be Arrested. Security maintained a black book with photos of all 86ed people In their office. The position was unarmed.I worked there until the casino went bankrupt.

I then went to work at Arizona Charley's casino in Las Vegas. I started out as an unarmed security officer, but became armed within a month.We worked in the Casino, parking lot and some (including myself) went on coin runs to other Arizona Charles locations around the city. Hes were extremely dangerous as you only had the powers of a security officers, but were going into some rough bars. Your job was to protect the slot mechanic and his money. I got into a situation where a high roller was wrong and I sided with a black lady and found myself dismissed..

  I then went to work at the Mountain View Casino in Pahrump, NV as a security officer. We were unarmed and worked in the casino and the parking lots. I fond out that security also doubled as slot machine technician. I learned a lot in a hurry. Slot machine technician go to school. But security learned on the job.

I then went to the federal Department of Defense as a police officer. I worked the air base in Indian springs, NV. I soon found out that base commanders were the bosses of their bases. I worked patrol and manned the front gate. We had a wrong chief that would sit in his office and read the regulations in order to find things against his men. The union was a joke.. We filed a case action against the air force under the whistle blowers act and lost and soon were out of work. I was there 2 years and got my retirement.

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