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The Story of the Reluctant Commander
(My story)

Way back in ancient history (1971), My Pastor called me into his office and asked me if I had been a Boy Scout. I said yes. (I had worked hard and finally earned my second class badge) He said good and tossed me a book titled "Buck-a-Roo Hand book" and told me to take it home and and let him know what I thought about it.

That was my introduction to a brand new program started by the Assembly of God churches. I was excited about a scouting program that did more then just entertain boys. This program taught real Christian values. I was a new Christian at the time and 21 years old and ready to conquer the world for the cause of Christ.

I started my first Buck-A-Roo (7 & 8 year old) Outpost within a month with three boys. These boys put up with a "very green" scout leader (commander), but God blessed the program and soon the outpost number 15 boys and a Lt. Commander. Within another month the outpost had continued to grow. At that time, I left the Buck-a-Roos with the Lt. Commander and went out and started a Pioneer (9 - 11 year olds) outpost. That outpost grew and I turned it over to a new Lt. Commander. This pattern continued as new outposts were formed: Trailblazers (12 - 14 year olds) and finally a Trail Rangers. (15 - 17 year olds) In those days there were were no Straight Arrows. (5 - 6 year olds)

By this time, I was the Senior Commander of 4 outposts in our church with over 85 boys and nine leaders. I was very busy all the time. Our sectional Commander contacted me and asked me to help him as an Area Commander. All of a sudden, I was overseeing Royal Ranger Units in 13 different churches, spread over a large area. I was on the road a lot visiting these units.

About six months later the Sectional Commander resigned. (he didn't have the time to do the job properly and admitted it) He asked me to take over. I was thrilled and went and told my pastor the good news. I didn't get the reaction that I wanted. He wasn't happy and told me that I was neglecting my duties as a Senior Commander. He told me the local church must come first. Being a very new Christian, I didn't understand. (maybe I didn't want to) I was sure I could do it all.

He had the last word, as he reluctantly removed me as a Royal Ranger leader. It was a very hard lesson for me, but a very necessary one. We must keep our eyes on the Lord and not a church program, no matter how good that program is.

You might think that was the end of my "five year hitch" with Royal Rangers. I certainly thought so, as the Lord lead me to several different churches all over this great country of ours. With time I grew and became a more mature Christian and forgot about my Royal Ranger days.

Then in 1987, while attending a newly formed church (that was seeking affiliation as a Calvery Chapel Church) in Las Vegas, Nevada, the idea of starting a Royal Ranger outpost was proposed and the Pastor, knowing my background asked me to start it in the church. I was surprised because I was still thinking that the program was only in Assembly of God churches. The idea appealed to me and I started planning. Before our first meeting was held, the Lord told me to move on. at the time, I knew there some problems in the new church, but I didn't know the extent. The Lord was protecting me, by telling me not to get involved. Soon after the new church was embroiled in legal problems and dissolved. The Lord had moved me on to another Church in time.

End of my Royal Ranger career, again. I almost prayed that it would be!

In 1994 I started attending a Foursquare Gospel Church in Pahrump, Nevada. In 1996, they started talking about starting a Royal Ranger outpost. I hid and didn't say a thing! They continued to plan and I continued to say nothing. I reasoned to myself that "I was too old" (I was now 50) and "the program had changed too much". I told the Lord that the program needed newer blood and younger men. The lord got his way, though. Before the program started I was asked to be a Buck-A-Roo Commander. I am still one today. Happy and not seeking the promotions of my youth.

I guess:
"Once a Royal Ranger Commander.....
Always a Royal Ranger Commander". ;-)*

A year after I put this statement on this website, I was forced to give up being a Royal Ranger Commander due to health problems. It was one of the SADDEST day of my life. I am still a commander in my heart and always will be .....

Commander Truman - 35+ years in Royal Rangers

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