Promise Keepers

Promise Keepers is a Christian Menís Organization,
worldwide, that stresses a personal commitment to Jesus
Christ, family values and the biblical leadership role of the
man in his house, church and community.

In our church, we have adopted this little fellow as our
mascot, to remind us that: We are in a spiritual battle.

All Promise Keepers agree to and abide,
as much as possible with these

Seven Promises of a Promise Keepers

(Warning: These are not easy to keep!)


A Promise Keeper is committed to honoring Jesus Christ
through worship, prayer, and obediance to God's Word
in the power of the Holy Spirit.


A Promise Keeper is committed to pursuing vital realtionships
with a few good men, understanding that he needs
brothers to help him keep his promises.


A Promise Keeper is committed to practicing spiritual,
moral, ehtical, and sexual purity.


A Promise Keeper is committed to building strong marriages
and families through love, protection, and biblical values.


A Promise Keeper is committed to supporting the mission
of the church by honoring and praying for his pastor,
and by actively giving his time and resources.


A Promise Keeper is committed to reaching beyond
any racial and denominational barriers
to demonstrate the power of biblical unity.


A Promise Keeper is committed to influencing his world,
being obedient to the Great Commandment (Mark 12:30-31)
and the Great Commission (Matt. 28:19-20).

If you are a Born Again Christian Man , you can become
a Promise Keeper by making this commitment right now.
It is strictly between you and God. If you want more
information on the movement click on the button below:

Promise Keepers hold large stadium events and rallies though
out the world. These draw thousands of man. (One rally in
Washington, D.C. drew over a million man and was called
"Standing in The Gap" - Nov 1997) These events and rallies
see thousands of men commit their lives to Jesus Christ,
re-commit their lives and get back to their biblical place as
men. Many of these men come from denominations and
churches that have forgotten to teach these things

Some people would attack this movement as being too
ecumenical, that is drawing from too many "liberal
churches", but they fail to see what is happening Peopleís
lives are changing! They are coming to know Jesus in
a close personal way. That is what Christianity is
all about: Changing lives! Drop your denominational
barriers and see what God is doing. Is the movement,
perfect? No, of course not! No church is either.

Others, such as womanís groups, attack the movementís
manís strong leadership role, viewing it as some of a
kind of a threat to womanhood. (womanís rights) Yet
Christian woman, whose husbandís are involved in
this movement, love the idea that their husbandís are
finally doing something spiritual that will benefit
their families
instead of sitting around watching TV
and let them do all the work, decision
making and child rearing.

Yes, Men this is a Spiritual Battle.
Are you ready for the challenge?

If you are a Christian men, who has a web site on the
Internet, consider joining Men of Promise Webring
and show the world what you believe! Your web site will
also benefit by getting more visitors. If you need more
information on the Promise Keepers Movement or the
Webring e-mail me by clicking on the button
at the bottom of this page.

I have been involved in the Promise Keepers movement
since 1995, when I attended my first stadium event
in Los Angeles, California. There were 73,472 Christian
men there worshipping and praising God, I could hardly
believe it! It was the largest gathering of its kind in those
days. Now it might seem small to some Promise Keepers
events. The next year I was able to attend another
stadium event in San Diego, California. Then in 1997,
I was able to attend my third one in Fresno, California.
In 1997, I wasn't able to attend "Standing in the Gap"
in Washington, D.C., but my pastor and several members
of our church were able to go.

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