A Christian in Nevada

Why would you live there?

Nevada is the land of gaming, (polite way of saying gambling) show girls and ranches (better known as whorehouses). The Casinos never close and the parties never stop. Lots of drinking and "free sex". Topless bars and pornography. Bigger Hotel are opening every day. The "Entertainment Capital of the World" is Las Vegas. Lately it has become "family orientated" with it's huge theme parks. The goal of it's visitors is still to get rich quick. Some actually do win. Welcome to the Wild West of Nevada!

Why would a Christian want to live here?

The answer: Opportunity

I was a newly re-dedicated Christian when the Lord lead me out here. (kicking & screaming all the way) That's right, it was the last place on the face of the earth that I wanted to move to. I felt that doing so was bad since temptation and Las Vegas seem to go together. I wanted to avoid sin, it just didn't seem to be the right place for a weak, newly re-dedicated Christian to move to. I flew into town and at the airport was a kid's art display. By it was a sign that said, "Las Vegas has it's kids , too". What a revelation, families lived here! I wanted to find a new church home quickly, I needed support. I was an active member of a group called "The Fellowship of Christian Police Officers" and had brought a membership list with me. I got settled in a motel room and called a Las Vegas Police officer named Chuck. We had never met or spoken before, but he immediately helped out. He helped me get established in a Church home. I ended up at a Calvery Chapel. (not Chuck's church) He shared with me that that there were more churches per capita in Las Vegas then in any other U.S. City. (another revelation) Why?

But where sin abounded, grace did much more abound: Romans 5:20 (KJV)

Now, I will get to that opportunity part. Las Vegas draws over 50,000 visitors per year and that number is growing. Why do they come? For excitement, for entertainment, for good fortune, for happiness. Unknown to most of them, they are coming to look for something in their lives that is missing. Many find it in surprising way. God has planted many active Christians here. Many work in the main industries in this sate: gaming and tourism. These people become active witnesses for the Lord Jesus Christ. True Christians can't help it. :-) These people lead many visitors to the thing they need most, Jesus. I have been "street witnessing" (evangelism) and have, personally, seen hundreds come to know the Lord on the Las Vegas Strip and on Fremont street (downtown). That's right, right in the street. Some have even knelt down as they have accepted the Lord! It is one of the only witnessing fields in the world were the sinners come to you looking. Most will not enter a church, but a casino is o.k. Some of you are mostly shaking your heads in disbelief, but our God is that Great. He changes lives! We used a tract (Gospel literature) called "How to be a Winner in Las Vegas" - It had a Las Vegas theme on it and thousands were gladly accepted by visitors on the streets. Many became true winners!

If you are a Christian pray for these street warriors, the opposition is great. The results are great. Pray for the Casino workers, many are in strange places for a Christian. They deal cards, work security, service slot machines, count money and serve food, but they are there daily. There are thousands of them working as "unto the Lord". Their boss is God, but they work in other places the casinos. This is the side of Nevada that few people see.

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