Where we live

In the middle of the desert?

Yes, we live in the middle of the Mojave Desert; U.S.A and we love it. A visiting friend told us after their long drive here, "Now I have seen the ends of the earth". Actually, we are approximately 73 miles from Las Vegas, Nevada and about 20 miles from Death Valley. The town of Pahrump is a growing town, when we moved out here a little over 15 years ago, there were less then 3,000 people here. Now there are over 40,000 people in town, Even that is deceiving since the town is the whole valley, about 24 miles long by 12 miles across. Open spaces, make people feel that less people live here. You can learn more about Pahrump, Nevada, if you want to by Clicking Here . I have joking told people, that it has it's has advantages, I came from upstate New York, where I spent almost 20 years shoveling snow and didn't know any better. I thought winter and snow go together. For the last 258 years, I haven't shoveled any snow. LOL

So, whats the weather like where you are today?

Our weather here, right now is:

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I like the current weather conditions on the one above
and the current time setting on the one below,
so they both stayed. :-)

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One might still question why a Christian might want to live in Nevada.
Click on the slot machine below for the answer:

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