Our family has all grown up and left the nest. My 2 daughters were raised by ex-wife, who left me in the middle Of the night while I was working. They moved over 2,00 miles away to Phoenix, Arizona. I seldom saw them during Their teens and early twenties and have been trying to make up for lost time. Their mother has discouraged that And only recently has there been some contact. Cassandra & Tasha are their names.


Cassandra and Tasha

Doug is my stepson who I did not meet until he was 18 years old. He was forced to be given up at 9 years. The State raised him and did a poor job of it. He was always in trouble and the state now has him as he is in prison. We support him as much as we can and the state takes advantage of his family and I have started a petition in Protest.
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My wife, Dolly & I live alone with our dog, Drake. He is a Toy Manchester Terrier and is 9 years old and is totally Spoiled. We live a quiet life, I am retired and Dolly is on disability.

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