Me and My Computer

My hobby, part-time business or future employment?

Yes, I am hooked on computers! I got my first one many years ago, an old XT (8088 processor) and have graduated several times. I like many computer buyers fell into the "cheaper is better" trap and now recommend that that you .. look before you leap into a cheap deal!!

I like several good computer brands, but at the moment my favorites are: Gateway Computers , and Dell Computers because of the custom building each computer to YOUR specific needs and Great Technical support.

About five and half years ago, I finally joined the net. We live in a very rural desert area and all internet service providers were long distance. We now have six local servers all with unlimited service. That's like dying and going to heaven, isn't it. :-)

Since that time I have spent countless hours surfing and learning. I now teach classes on computers, Internet and web page design in my town. I also do private tutoring. I work on other people's computers (repair and preventative maintenance) as well. I am currently studying for my Microsoft A+ Certification when I am not working or on the net. All this is part of my company called Agape' Computer Services. My wife has a business called Agape' Computer Designs that specializes in graphic designing and layouts. Together, we call our combined businesses Agape' Computer Services and Designs. I have bult a page telling you about my company


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