Perfect Health all my life?

I have been blessed with very good health all my life. I have never been sick for a long peroid. I have never had to take a prescription drug very long. Life has been pretty easy. It has been very good. I am NOT complaining. Challenges make us a better person. I am now learning that lesson.

Discovering Bullous Pemphigoid

I guess time catches up to all of us, sooner or later. I passed the big 5-0 and still was feeling great. As discussed elsewhere on this web site, I was still a kid. A scout leader (Royal Rangers) for over 35 years. This ended in September 2000, when I could not keep up. I retired from scouting at age 54. My legs and my back (broken in a car accident) were giving me a problem. My hands/wrists developed carpel tunnel syndrome, too much computers and taxi driving. ~grin~ In July of 2002, I developed Kidney stones and other problems related to them.

this is a new page in my life. Come discover becausethe challenges connected with having this disease. We will learn together as we help each other. This page will change, so stop back.

In the early part of 2001, I started developing scars and bruises on my legs. I saw my doctor and she felt that it was related to poor circulation. She suggested elevating my legs when ever possible. By June, the condition had worsened. Small blisters had appeared. Then a very large one formed. It was a real shock since I did not know why. About this time, my doctor mentioned bullous pemphigoid. I had never heard of it and researched it on the Internet. There wasn't much there either. She told me to get further testing (a biopsy) from a specialist. They put me on prednisone to help control the (flare ups) blisters and lesions.

At the end of February 2002, I was put on SSI (Social Security Supplemental Income) pending a ruling on my disability claim. It is still "a shock" to be declared disabled at age 55. The disease and the negative affects of the of the medicine (now 4 different ones) have caused me great difficulties. Much of what is seen by others is "invisible" and therefore most people don't know what I am going through. (Some wonder why I am not working yet - I wish I were able to go back to work) My wife has been wonderful as she has had to put up with my mood swings, etc. There are "good" days where I don't even feel that I am sick. Other days prove otherwise. Only the STRENGTH of my LORD (Jesus) helps me through those days! Two years of BP ended when it went into remission. (The Lord healed me. PTL)


What is Bullous Pemphigoid?

it is rare disease and so little reasrch has been done on it

Bullous pemphigoid is a chronic, autoimmune disease that primarily affects the skin. It occurs equally in males and females and has been described in all age groups, but it affects elderly persons far more commonly. The true incidence of bullous pemphigoid is unknown. About 5-10 new cases are seen yearly in a large hospital referral center.

Clinically, bullous pemphigoid represents a wide disease spectrum that ranges from a spontaneously remitting local bullous eruption to a generalized recurrent debilitating disease. Itching is a variable symptom. Bizarre, gyrate urticarial plaques or red irregular shaped lesions may proceed or follow the formation of bullae. Healing of the bullous lesions of localized pemphigoid usually results in scarring and secondary infection. The mucous membranes, including the esophagus, may be involved in 15-20 percent of patients.
---- Taken from the American Autoimmune Related Diseases Association, Inc.(AARDA).

With the first year my bullous pemphigoid went into remission or the Lord healed me.

Yahoo Groups

If you are interested in talking about bullous pemphigoid and other autoimmunity conditions, I have started a bullous pemphigoid tarted combining their clubs and groups. It is now classified as the autoimmunity group. later the group expanded to include all types of auto immunity conditions. People with different autoimmunity diseases and their care givers are invited to join. Enter your e-mail address (required by yahoo) to join the group. If you only want to look at the group's page, click on the link below the subscribe box to go there.

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Another health related group that I started and am a moderator of is Christian Illness. Yes, Christian do get sick and they need support, too. They may have questions as to why they are going through their problems, just like I did. There is a great group of Christians there to pray with and help you with your any kind medical condition.

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Medlineplus - General Information
Use search engine, type in "bullous pemphigoid". Several good articles & photos.

eMedicine - bullous pemphigoid
A little technical but has some very good information. Use the search engine, type in "bullous pemphigoid".

New Zealand DermNet
This will only take you to the first page. You will have to click on skin diseases and then bullous pemphigoid.



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