Awards that our site has earned
from Christian web sites.

Thank you, Lord. (all glory belongs to you)

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Webmaster's note: When we first started putting our award up on the site, we had listed them with the oldest ones first. Many of these websites have moved or become inactive. If these people will contact us, we will be glad to link their awards back to their new websites. We have not actively sought any awards for sometime, but if we get any new ones, we will proudly display them on a new page, making them easier to find. :-)

Sept. 13, 1998 - Our first two awards.
Thank you Susan (Candle)

Nov. 19, 1998 - Thank You, Melody.

Nov. 20, 1998 - Thank You, Jeff.

Nov. 21, 1998 - Thank You, Chris.

for Spreading the Good News of Christ

Nov 25, 1998 - Thank You, Deb.

Jan 22, 1999 - Thank You, Michael.

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