So, you purchased a Hytera RD-982 and are ready to have yourself a great DMR repeater? First, this build is not going to be
  like any other you have ever attempted. For that reason alone, I have created some screen shots and hints that I have found
  while building mine.


 First, of course, is obtaining the programming cable (do yourself a favor and purchase the PC-47 cable as it makes it easier to do firmware updates as well as programming), firmware updates (you will want the latest), and programming software.  Please reach out to Terry Gillard, NX7R, a Hytera dealer in Henderson, Nevada to purchase these items.  Terry was a  tremendous help in completing this build.



 As I was building this primarily as a DMR repeater, the addition of a controller was not considered (it has a built-in CW ID). The 26 pin (3 row) accessory port on the rear has the outputs needed. However, unlike most repeaters, you cannot place this repeater in a "base station" mode for the controller to take over the repeater action. The following pinout was from Chris Hood ( and shows the necessary connections. For my build-out, nothing was connected to this port.



 In order to use your DMR repeater on a network, such as BrandMeister or any other system, the IP Multi Site Entitlement key MUST be installed (this can be emailed to you and you install it yourself using the PC-47 cable). The analog side is 12.5 KHz. If you wish to change this to 25 KHz for local amateurs to have analog ability (Dynamic Mixed Mode - Both Analog and DMR Simultaneously), then you will also need to purchase the WB Entitlement key (This must be implemented at a Hytera Dealers Shop using specialized dealer service software). Both these items may be purchased through Terry Gillard.


 Now, if you haven't already, you need to get a 6 digit repeater ID number from http://RadioID.Net. If you are connecting to BrandMeister, you will also need to create an account. This can be the same account as your DMR hotspot unless this is going to be a club repeater, in which you may want to create a new one. Once your repeater is functional and sending to BrandMeister (your repeater ID will show up in the general repeater area), then open a support ticket for the BrandMeister team to give you admin privaleges connected to your account.


 The following screens will help you with how I programmed the repeater. Note: I am not an expert and I'm sure there may be some changes that should be made.... this is what works for me. Along with some of the screens, I will make some comments that may help.


 Be sure you have the latest firmware (at least A8.??.??.???). But, DO NOT upgrade past v8.05 if you still wish to utilize the RDAC (Repeater Data and Control) software, as the newer software precludes its use. The New XNMS software is not supported by BrandMeister!

 You should see the necessary options checked. You will definately need "IP Multi-site Connect" in order to connect to the BrandMeister network. This box will automatically be checked when you install the Entitlement Key.

 I have seen several blogs asking to uncheck all of the Alarm Setting boxes. Leaving them checked seems to send unnecessary alarms to BrandMeister.

 If at all possible, use a static IP connection (see my notes at the end of these screens).

 The "Network Authentication Key" needs to be blank. The best way (according to the many blogs and sites I have seen), is to enter some random numbers, save it, delete them and save again.

 Do not make any changes to the "XNMS Access Code"

 Do not make any changes to the "Air Interface Authentication Key"


 Note: You will notice I have the Default "Power On" mode set to DMM (Dynamic Mixed Mode) to allow my repeater to operate in Narrow Band FM or DMR. Check that you have the default set to the mode you wish to be using (saves you a lot of headaches later). Also, you must have Slot 1 and Slot 2 in the channel setups selected for IP Connect use.


 A problem that has been reported on several sites involve internet access. The Hytera seems to work much more reliable with a static IP assigned. Otherwise, when the DHCP lease expires, you will need to reboot the repeater.


 In my case, it was cost prohibitive to install a static IP connection from the local cable company. An inexpensive solution was to obtain a cellular hotspot (in my case T-Mobile) and convert this to a static connection for the repeater.


 I purchased a Alcatel Linkzone 2, 4G LTE Hotspot. Using a BrosTrend AC1200 Dual Band WiFi Extender (I got mine on Amazon), I was able to connect the ethernet cable to the WAN input of a router. The router then provides a static IP address for the repeater. So far, it seems to be working!


 I certainly hope this information makes putting the Hytera RD-982i online much easier. Enjoy and 73's.