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Information and Tools for
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I will only list those things that I have personally found to be helpful to me as a webmaster. There are literally thousands of webmaster's tools on the Internet. I have looked at hundreds of them. I have five (now three) web sites that I am the webmaster. I have a very limited budget. Therefore I only recommend the things that have worked for me. Why waste the time and money trying them all?

Promotional Tools

I just discovered this site on the Internet I am highly impressed with their service. They have over a hundred different search engines and link indexes to list your site. Many are done by automatic submission and if you have the later version of Netscape or Internet Explorer the information is saved to your computer. (saves a lot of retyping). Then they keep an up to date record of when and the success rate of submissions for you. (this avoids a lot of guess work as to when you last submitted to each one) This service, believe it or not is FREE. The site owner does ask you to pay what you can to support the service. Try it and then if you like it: pay. :-)

P.S. I tried it, I liked it and believe it or not... I even paid for the service for the last nine years! and got more great benefits.

Traveling around this web site, you might get the idea that I like Bravenet Web Services, FREE tools for webmasters. Well, I do. One easy sign up and then you can "go shopping" for what you need. Never a charge, of course.

Associate Programs

Domain Registration Services

This is where I get my domain names. Really good prices and services, too. These include free domain parking (with purchase) web hosting, email accounts (domain name), url forwarding, etc. I was so impressed with their service, that I wrote them and asked if I could put a link to them on my website.. They apologized for not having a banner or button, but two days later, they mailed me this one created for just me.

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