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How to create an on line store

Question: Why should I?
Answer: To make your website pay for itself.

Method 1: Affiliate Stores (they help you sell their products)

They are many ways to set up and run an Internet store. One of the easiest is to join an affiliate program, sometimes called a reseller program. The retailer sets up a program on their website to sell the merchandise. They keep track of your individual sales that come from your website. You are paid either a flat rate or a percentage for each sale. It is really important to read your affiliate agreement, so you will know how much you get and when you get paid. You do not have to worry about setting up a shopping cart or site security as these are off your site. You do not have to worry about cataloging and inventory of merchandise, shipping, etc. You will notice that you are paid a small amount on your sales, as the retailer does most of the work. It isn't bad though when you realize that you are only providing a link to thier website. Be aware that some FREE websites will not allow you to use their web space (your website) to be used for advertising and affliliate programs. Others have to pre-approve your affiliates (and get a cut, too) before you can join them. That is one of the reasons that I am slowly moving my five websites away from using these free hosts. The following websites have affliliate programs (with multiple retailers) that I have joined:

125x125 Banner Name

Our Affiliate Stores

Working examples that you may buy from :-)

In order to simplify our stores are divided by categories (just click on the button after the description) to go to that page as follows:

Animals & Pets Stores - Animal & Pet Needs and Supplies.

Business Stores - Office Supplies & Business needs.

Christian Stores - Christian & Religious Items.

Computers & the Internet Stores - Hardware & Software.

Freebie Websites - Yes give away things and make money. :-)

General Stores - Gift and Special Items. (Includes Electronics)

Here is one that I am currently trying out. They sell merchandise with your logos and graphics on it. I have looked at this one for a while, but RIGHT NOW their basic store is FREE, so what have you got to lose?? This banner will take you to the sign up page. A soon as my store is ready, I will post the link here also, so you can see what I have done. LOL

On their website they tell how it works:"Selling through CafePress.com is FREE. There are no pre-printing, setup or inventory fees. Every time you sell an item, we keep the base price and you earn your markup. Checks are sent out monthly." Not Bad!

Design and Sell Merchandise Online for Free

For FUN we are putting together our store right now. More items will be added from time to time. There will be some fun INTERNET related items for sale. Please take the time to look over what we are doing over there.

Method 2: On line Stores (that you run yourself)

If you want to make a bigger percentage of profit, you will eventually try running your own store. There is more work involved, record keeping, inventory and shipping, etc. Yet, there is still help. I have set up a store here using Pay Pals. They have two programs, web accept (single items) and shopping cart. (multiply items) This one is fairly simple using the shopping cart system. You can keep shopping and then check out when you are done.

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