The Web is a Confusing Place!

It isn't too long until a "newbie" (new Internet user) discovers that the web is a BIG PLACE. With billions of web pages out there: How can you find anything? The answer is through search engines, directories and indexes. I will list a few of the hundreds available here. Feel free to search from this web site, but please come back and finish checking out our web site, too. :-)

Here is help on finding things...

Here is my favorite. It is a little confusing for some since it checks a lot of different search engines at one time and then lists them all on several pages. I feel it saves me time, by not making me go to several different search engine sites, if one isn't producing good results. Note: It is a little complicated for newbies.

This is fast becoming my second most favorite. It has a very friendly user inner face, less complicated. I remember as a kid, if I didn't know the answer, I would go ask MaMa....Well??

Here is another really good search engine, Link Monster. Be sure to add your website as well.

Link Master

Here is one with a different twist, they PAY YOU to use their search engine.

Get Paid!

This is another interesting search engine. They claim better indexing of your web site, if you install their "spider button" on your Index.html page. We did so. :-)

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