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We all have opinions. Sometimes it is nice to have someone listen. It is even better when we can get paid for it or win prizes for voicing our opinions. That is what this page is about. Of course, I will list only those surveys that I feel are the best ones. There are lots of survey web sites out there, way too many to list them all.

But before you continue on, please take a moment to vote in my poll on "Internet use" by clicking on the vote caster button below: (SORRY NO MONEY OR PRIZES ON THIS ONE), but I will appreciate your opinions) ~grin~ You can also see how other visitors answered. It is interesting!

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Money Making Polls & Survey Web sites

This next one is great! They send to their web site to fill out polls and surveys. These are not only fun, but they pay you $1.00 to $10.00 for completing each survey. Some pay more. They also have focus groups that pay $25.00 or more. They have monthly prize drawings for members, too.

This one has really fun surveys. They notify you when they have a survey for you. You better be quick, as they limit the number of evisors needed. They tell you amount of points that you can earn. You can counter-bid and somes earn even more points. Points are good for prizes or cash.

This one is a fast mover. Earn money fast by taking surveys and reading emails and playing games.

This next one is fun and pays you cash for completed surveys and if you refer someone and they make money by taking a survey - you do, too!! (you get paid THREE levels deep - even their friends count) Not bad!! Click on the link below and sign up now before you forget to do so. A new window will pop up. When you are done close it and you will be back here again.

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