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Recently you sent me an e-mail with the subject line "Does anyone read these?". I believe that you deserve an answer. You are a good friend and although I can only speak for myself, you might think about the fact that others on your mailing list might feel the same way. I, personally, have about three friends that I would like to send this e-mail to, but you are the only one that has asked this question.

Most of us, despite the fact that we spend hours on our computers, have limited time to check out these Internet money making ideas. For example our time might be divided between reading e-mail, working on web sites, conducting groups and clubs, discussion lists, etc. Most of are very interested in making money on the Internet. In many cases, it is the perfect solutions to our desires for example: staying at home, being your own boss, making your computer earn it's keep, etc. The fact that I do read all your e-mails and many times even visit the suggested web sites, does show my interest. Also the fact that I am stilling willing to receive the piles of invitations from you to check out these offers shows that and the fact that that I still consider you a friend. Now to answer the more difficult question that was not asked, but implied, why are we not signing up for these great offers? Again these are my reasons only. I am in a state of "information overload". That doesn't mean that I hate information that the Internet provides. I love and need it. My regular job depends upon it. It is just that the 200 e-mails (average) that I get a day is overwhelming. I get money making offers by the "dozens", many are spam. I would much rather sign up under you than some known person, whose main objective is mass mail invitations and results in "clogging up" my mail box and time. This problem has become so great that I decided to open up a web site and put out information to tell others about good opportunities, called Internet Fun. (http://www.internet-fun.net) I decided that I would only list PROVEN (ones that I had made some money at) plans. I did not want a web site of links. You have even sent me to plans that did that for you. In my opinion, these don't work very well and can turn off people that are actually looking for opportunities as it adds to the information overload"".

I opened Internet Fun web site and added good plans and even showed check that I received as proof. It was working well. Unfortunaly, at least in some cases, the Internet is a "living" thing,constantly changing, growing and going through ups and downs. Many of the plans that worked a year ago, fail miserably now. Look at the "dot.coms" that were making big money money then and don't even exist now. For example many "paid to surf" plans that sent me checks last year now offer to send me "prize chances" now instead of money. (Have you ever to tried to pay your rent with a chance to win a new car?) I stuck my name and reputation out and told everyone to join. I feel betrayed by the failed promises of the plan, not you, as I was in the same place as you. I wish that had $1.00 for every plan that I have recommended, as then I wouldn't need to join any of them. :-)

The end result is that Internet Fun suffered. I got discouraged and stopped making updates. I have about seven web sites and the others got the attention first. It is my plan to totally re-vamp the web site and move it to a paid host. I have sometime ago purchased the domain name, which is presently forwarded and will move as time allows. No matter where I move the domain name, unless sold (another idea) will point you to the web site.

You can actually help me with my plans. I need to know, which plans actually work right NOW. Plans that ask for money to join are a definite "turn off" in my opinion, as most people view them as a scam even when they work.

Please continue to send me your e-mails and plans as always. I will try to go through them and might join (as I have in the past) some of them. I DO NOT want you to stop this practice as it is a source of information to me. What I AM ASKING is that when you find a really good proven one, send me an extra e-mail (sorry for the extra work) so that I will definitely not miss it in the "flood" of offers. (from everyone)


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