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How to Meet Total Strangers
and Become Fast Friends

Your computer can help you do it!

I now have friends all over the world thanks to the computer and the Internet. Some of these people have become very special. I have even met some of them in person after first meeting them in cyberspace. Many live outside the United states. I have learned much about where they live and their customs.

One of the fastest ways to meet such people is to join group and clubs based upon your interests. Be sure to post and take an active part in those groups and you will meet people.

Groups, clubs & webrings that I currently run
(or have run) on the Internet

And I have joined MANY more than these these, too. :-)
At one time, I had over 1,000 people in my groups.
I have cut back considerably. LOL

Auto Immunity Group
A Group for people afflicted with an auto immunity condition. Caregivers are also welcome. This is an information and support group.

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Christians in illness and disability
When a Christian needs support due to illness, where do they turn? If you are afraid of the Word of God (the bible) this NOT the place for you because we believe it here. If you do not believe the bible or find it offensive, please DO NOT join as the Bible will be the final authority here. There are plenty of non-Christian support groups on the Internet.

Do we believe in a fast cure, an easy fix - No! Do we believe you can claim a healing as though God is "somehow" required to heal us - No! Sometimes, we are called to go through a trial for awhile in order to make us a better Christian. God is in control ... Discussion group.

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Christians with Humor
Who says Christians have to be solemn? They don't always need to look like they drink soup with a straw. God gave us laughter, so use it! Clean humor.

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This is a group of internet friends of the racoon. This is a place where we all can meet, share stories and encourage each other. Posting to this group will save us all time. Then we can do other things on the internet. :-)

Friends of the Racoon

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Royal Rangers 2
I joined a Yahoo club back in 1989. That year the clubs and groups were combined. The former moderator left. The group continued without a leader until myself and another leader decided in 2005 to form an entirely new group. That group is now accepting members for the Royal Ranger community at large.

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Our pets and farm animal are loved and properly cared for, yet some animal rights rights groups attack us. We need to stand up and show that we are united.

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This group is for pastors and members of churches world wise, prayer requests are welcome. Share what you want as long as it is proper for a christian group. Violator will be removed.

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I will occasionally add or even substract groups, so check back from time to time to see the changes.

I am starting to work with my facebook. If you want to connect with a good group of friends. Send me a friend request. Truman Gleason

If you have a web site consider joining a web ring at Webrings . There are many different webrings listed there, find the one that interests you and fits with the theme of your web site. Other member webmasters will look over your efforts and you might get the know them. Later, when you more versed in the operation of a webring, start one of your own. I have started or run about twenty five or so, so far. To see the list: CLICK HERE

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