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This collection is from various sources. I have tried to give credit, if the source is known. Some came from e-mails and didn't name a source. They are placed here for your personal enjoyment. If someone claims that these are copyrighted by them. If they will e-mail me and they will be removed. I will be adding new ones as they are "discovered".

This page is under construction - please watch out for falling items as you look around

Album # 1 (maybe) this is the work area ... graphics will be distorted until I figure out how to correct. The java script assumes wrongly that all graphics are the same size.

I have gotten very behind on updating this page. I have a folder of ever growing computer jokes and graphics that when time allows might be placed on this page. Many of these are very funny. If you are like me, waiting is not an option. If I want something tomorrow is too long a wait. :-)

If you look around this website, you will find that I have a joke list that you will get jokes and graphics daily.

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