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Here is a place to find over a 1,000+ free computer programs that you can download from here.

This one has been around for a while but the new version has out done itself. It takes a small FREE download to set up an email client that has all (it walks you through the process) but over taken my Outlook Express 6.0. I have made the Incredimail program my default email program on all three of my computers. With incredimail I can add graphics, sound, ecards and stationary to all my emails. I have mine set up to show going mail as coming from my web based hotmail account, even thought it is coming from my desktop and local ISP. There are lots of neat notifiers that pop up with sounds when incredimail receives incoming mail, too. They have a premium program that they sell with extras, which I have purchased, but you are licensed to use the FREE program "for your lifetime."

Every once in a while comes along a program that really helps and saves time. Spam is the number one problem that I face with Email. I have looked at several anti-spam programs but they did not meet my needs, they were not flexable enough. I have several email accounts and most would only work with my Outlook Express, which I don't even use anymore. (I use the Incredimail above as my default email program) plus I have several web-based email accounts (like Hotmail and Yahoo). This program works with them all, allows me to preview my mail without opening it (safety against viruses - but still have a good anti-virus program on your computer), and even, in most cases, bounces it back to the sender as user unknown. (this really helps stop the spam) The newer program (Mailwasher Pro) with better features is shareware. Try it first, before your buy. I did!

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