This page with will deal with the subject of e-mail (electronic mail) and how to have fun, make friends, learn about different parts of the world. etc. If you want, we will show you ways to make a little money reading and sending e-mails, too. (No spamming *, please)

* Definition (for newbies): spamming is sending out unasked for and or unwanted e-mails to strangers.

Get Paid for reading E-Mails!!

The way these work: You tell them your interests and when they find a website that matches it, they send you an e-mail inviting you to visit the website and give them your opinions of it. Each time that you do so you make money. If you refer others, you get paid when they visit websites that match their interests. Many have sign up and/or referral bonuses,too. You can join several ones and make money faster. ;-)

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