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Agape' Computer Services

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My little company is located in Pahrump, Nevada. (73 miles from Las Vegas and about 5 miles from California) It is very fast growing community, now about 35,000+ people) I started it in 2002 out of my love for computers as a part time business.. Now, it is my only business.
The business was closed Jan of 2007 due to illness. (I am retired now)

Services offered:

1. Computer Repair & Upgrading

Keeping a computer up to date can be a real challenge. Knowing when to add components and when to save your money is very important. Some repairs are necessary and some shouldn't be done. I have been there and so I am careful to make good recommendations and treat others like I would like to be treated.

2. Computer Servicing (maintenance)

Keeping a computer up & running is essential. Most computer users neglect servicing their own computers. We set up a servicing schedule and remember for you.

3. Teaching & Training (classes and private tutoring)

We hold classes on computers, the Internet, web page design. Many people prefer private tutoring in their own homes on their own computers. This also allows them to learn their own software applications such as word processors, datebases, browsers, e-mail programs all at their own pace.

The Internet allows me to reach people all over the world. I can tell them all about my business and services. Unfortunately, it is a local business and therefore of little use to people out of my local traveling area.

This web site is a "FUN" web site, not really created to present a business attitude. I did have an "official business" web site (for both my and my wife's businesses) which is now closed.

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